Since I moved to Los Angeles, California, almost 11 years ago, I started doing something I always dreamed of: taking ballet classes.  I was lucky enough to actually be invited to participate in many shows -so far-. And I want to share some of those memories with you. Photos of me in different dance shows, as well as some photos of me as a dancer taken by some incredibly talented photographers as art experiments.  The locations include downtown Los Angeles and the fabulous beach El Matador, north of Malibu.
I am not wearing skinny jeans in the photos on this post, but those tights are pretty skinny! So, enjoy the artistry of the images!

Black and White series:Ballet variation

Dancing the Nutcracker, December 2014:The Nutcracker. Chinese.

At El Matador, Malibu, CaliforniaEl Matador

El Matador -color-

El Matador in white

Performing:Romantic dance

Maria and Jesus

Like a Torero

Jesus and La Señorita

In the street of Los AngelesBlack and Red 1

Black and Red 2

Black and Red 3

Black and Red 4

Modern Dance:Dancing in the Dark

Dancing in the Dark -with partner-


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