It has been a really long time since my last post. But I am happy to report that I am still wearing skinny jeans in a regular basis. Someone asked me what I would do if they go totally out of fashion, so I responded: “I would go shopping!”. That’s the beauty of fashion: it helps define your style and it presents a version of yourself that you design and control, but it is also not permanent and just not that relevant.

I want to share a few photos in this post that are not just about my outfits. The most relevant for me at this very moment in time is a selfie I took with Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is running for the Democratic nomination as the first openly gay man. But that is not the most fascinating thing about him. The absolutely most fascinating thing about Mr. Buttigieg is how intelligent yet relatable he is. Mayor Pete is an amazing listener and a great communicator. His ideas are beautifully progressive, compassionated and protective of our democracy. It would be an absolute joy to have him running for President in 2020. He surely has my vote!

The second photo is me with the talented and fabulous Tyler Oakley after I directed a PSA for The Trevor Project with him as the on-camera talent. I am really honored to have been invited to participate in this project. It makes me truly happy to contribute in any way with such beautiful, important and relevant efforts to help LGBTQ+ youth in need of support when they need it the most.

Bellow is a photo of me where you can see I am wearing skinny pants that are not jeans. Not “skinny jeans” per se, but really cool skinny trousers I got last Fall in London. They are from Topman, and my shirt is from Zara. My cardigan and my t-shirt are from H&M and my shoes are Del Toro. I wish my photo was better, but I think this outfit is fun and I wanted to share it here. One of the reasons I like the outfit so much is that none of the pieces are brand new. Instead, this is a combinations of items I have bought throughout the years that I love and I keep in my closet.  Fashion is not necessarily about buying the latest collections, but about understanding your style and having fun as you express it.

I am also sharing some photos of me at the gym wearing compression tights (or running tights). I know that these tights are a little controversial and many people don’t like when men use them. But I do love wearing them. They make me feel like a superhero and are a great motivation for me to stay in shape. I guess my years of doing ballet made me feel totally comfortable wearing tights in public. And they are not that far from my skinny jeans anyways!

One more thing to say: welcome back to my page!


Mayor Pete and Me


Tyler Oakley and Me.


Me in fun trousers but under really bad light.


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