Today I needed to dress up, and there is no other place in the planet better to dress up during the day than Los Angeles during winter.  The temperature is so perfect you can wear any jacket, any blazer, any vest, any tie, any combination of the above and you you stay cool all day long.  It is like the temperature the AC at Macys is set.  Just perfect.

So here you have me, all preppy and happy.  Looking good with and without the jacket, and that’s the beauty of a vest.  And it is not just me who says it.  The Barista at the coffee shop complemented me saying “Jesus you look pretty handsome today”.  I responded “I’m trying my friend. I’m trying”.

Let me note that the shirt is baby blue, so pale it looks white in the pictures.

With Jacket  Vest

I love the texture on the jacket and it plays beautifully with the silky texture of the vest.

Texture  Close Up

And just for the fun of it, two Instagram pictures I took in the afternoon, around 4:30 PM.  It is just the most perfect light possible.

Old Shoes

Red Building Blue Sky

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