Winter” continues in La La Land, and I am using every opportunity to wear turtlenecks.  Today I am wearing one that I love in particular.  It has a combination that I really like: chocolate brown and black.  That means that you can wear it with EVERYTHING!

Extra especial because it is also the color of my dog, the beloved and always happy Hershey.  He really wanted to be in the pictures this time. So Here you have it!

Turtleneck with Hershey 2

Turtleneck and Hershey 3 Turtleneck and Hershey 4B

Here are closer looks at the turtleneck so you can appreciate the two colors better:


Turtleneck CU

AND here you have a couple of pictures of Hershey… just because he is so handsome, with grays and everything.

Happy Hershey Hershey CU

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