One of my favorite blazers.  Great color and great texture (Burgundy micro corduroy, from H&M).  It makes me feel instantly glamorous. With my favorite jeans (at least, that is how I feel today) from Top Man (Amazing how they fit!).  Blue sweater from Diesel.Burgundy Blazer Burgundy Blazer Burgundy Blazer

Black ankle leather boots from Prada. Once again: old shoes that I LOVE. Ultra comfortable (and really old! circa 2004)

Prada boots 1 Prada boots 3

By the way, today, I went to The Commissary for coffee. It is located on Fairfax Ave, north of Melrose Ave.  Really good coffee. Now I know why it’s called “the Intelligentsia” of West Los Angeles (although there is a Intelligentsia in Venice Beach). While there, I tried an amazing bacon, egg and cheese sandwich from the Flat Iron food truck and it was also really good.

Commissary Cafe


Flat Iron Food Truck

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