What a better way to celebrate the weekend than with crazy color skinny jeans?

The rain gave us a little brake here in Los Angeles and I took the opportunity to go out in bright colors.  Well, one bright color: with my mustard yellow skinny corduroy jeans (H&M).

I wore my yellow pants with a very simple brown cotton long sleeve t-shirt  from Gap and my dark green winter jacket to protect me from the rain -in case it came back. I let the yellow pants be the main protagonist by wearing muted colors in the rest of my wardrobe.

We went to the Los Angeles Zoo and spent a couple of really fun hours taking pictures. Specially seeing the chimpanzees, the Indian Rhino and the gorillas.  (I will share some of those pictures in a later post)

Having the pictures for my blog taken in a green, lush place like this makes such a big difference. These are some of my favorites so far since I started posting.

Enjoy them.

Yellow Pants

Yellow pants

Yellow 3 small

Yellow shallow small

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