Today was a busy day.  Three important meetings that required me to dress up for the occasion and look “professional”.  I actually like dressing up, so I enjoyed it.

It was a very “Hollywood” day (I will try not to use quotation marks again today). I had a very high profile meeting with a TV Executive in the morning.  Later a really interesting meeting with friends who have a strategic design firm (Kluge Interactive), and a fabulous working dinner about the future of my movie (Sunset Junction).

The meeting in the morning went really well and helped me believe again in the idea that there are nice people who are also smart in this industry.  The other two went really well, but I guess that it helps the fact that I love the people I met with.

I wore my dark suit by Ben Sherman, that makes feel elegant in a very easy and comfortable way.

Lets the pictures do the rest of the talking:

Blue Suit

Blue suit

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