It is cold in Los Angeles as well, by California standards.  Wearing a sweater made it more engaging to see the development of the blizzard in the Northeast.

Now that the storm is over all we can do is to hope our friends and family, that are still without power, will be OK.

Today I wore my winter jacket  (by Benetton) because it was particularly chilly in the morning (see picture with the temperature below).

Baby blue cotton turtleneck (by Gap) and dark blue skinny jeans (by H&M).  And my favorite pair of boots that I don’t wear often enough (Reaction by Kenneth Cole).

The pictures from today’s post were taken in front of a very iconic mural in Sliver Lake (Los Angeles). This mural is on Hyperion Ave and Sunset Boulevard and is called A Mural Dedicated to Peace (or Silver Lake Mi Amor, 1991) by Annie Sperling, who is a Production Designer and artist.  Her work is amazing!!!!!

mural mural




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