When I started this adventure (of having a daily blog for a full year) I decided that all the pictures would be taken with my IPhone. So far so good.  It is matter of finding ways to keep the blog fresh with different locations (as much as my normal life allows. Also by design I am not doing anything I wouldn’t do or wear anything different if I wasn’t writing the blog).

Fortunately, my neighborhood is pretty adorable (I love it) and some regular places look amazing on camera.

Today the pictures were taken in front of Rudy’s barbershop in Silverlake (Sunset Ave.) I have been going there pretty much since I moved to Los Angeles almost 9 years ago.  They are really cool and affordable.  Their space in this location is pretty spectacular (in an industrial kind of way).

Today I kept it simple again: skinny jeans by h&m, shirt by Uniqlo, cardigan by gap, shoes by Michael Shannon and socks from Nordstrom.




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