Beautiful afternoon in Los Angeles today. I enjoyed it having a meeting over coffee with my friend Gregory Frank, who is working with my as my fellow Production Designer for the first National Tour of the dance company Shaping Sound.  We are in absolute love with the project and its possibilities.   It is a true honor to work with such insanely talented dancers. I promise I will keep you posted about the evolution of the project.

The afternoon was also much better than the morning, when I had to go have an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of my lower back to try to figure out why I am having so much pain lately.  The experience of an MRI (my first ever) is not very nice, but I got lucky and the guy who did it was super nice and made it much bearable.

Today I am wearing what I call my crazy shirt.  The shirt is from Ben Sherman and the skinny jeans are modified G-Star (They weren’t skinny as they are now).

Gregory Frank took the pictures today. Thanks Gregg!

me me me me

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