The biggest design challenge I have ever faced has been helping our friends have their baby.  And that includes helping with some genetic material, all the way to designing the nursery.

The baby is way into construction and the carrying mom is almost 32 weeks pregnant.

Christopher and I are making big progress in the nursery and you can see in the pictures below that it is almost done (we are missing some details like the final chair, new lamps and a few little things), but the room is looking amazing and it will be completely ready when the baby arrives (late May or first week or June). I promise better pictures will be coming soon. The ones today were taken at the end of the day and are a little dark.  I need new ones with day light.

The genetic material may be mine but the amazing animal pictures that are the main focus of the nursery were taken by Christopher in a couple of trips we did to the L.A. Zoo (that I mentioned earlier in the year).  They were printed on aluminum and the result is spectacular.

The pictures of the nursery are below, but let me mention first what I am wearing today:  Skinny jeans by gap, long sleeve t-shrit by h&m, a jacket that I bought in Buenos Aires years ago by Kosiuko and new gray shoes by MIchael Shannon. Very simple and relax because we had some pictures to hang! And we did!

me me

me shoes And this is how the nursery is looking so far:

nursery nurserynursery

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