This is a very colorful wall.  Perfect as background for my gray TopMan jacket and my Benetton gray shirt. My shoes are Prada. Skinny jeans by H&M.  This shirt has been with me more for than 8 years.  That is what I call a great investment.   I look kind of serious with this outfit, but I like it.

Today  my beard and my hair got trimmed for the commercials I start shooting tomorrow. Thankfully the change is minimum.   I will share with all of you my experiences on set. I think it will be a very interesting experience for me as an actor, improvising and interacting with many people, while having the responsibility of carrying the flow of the commercial. It will be very intense 3 days. I’m glad I’m working as an actor and not as the director in this specific project.  I think it will be more fun this way (for me).

Today we also made a lot of progress in the execution of the set pieces of the show (and National Tour) of the dance company Shaping Sound. I’m extremely excited and very honored of being part of such an incredible creative project.

me me


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