Today I did one of my favorite things in the world: I went shoe shopping.

I did it at the Beverly Center, in Los Angeles.  I went to Kenneth Cole and Prada.  I bought 3 pairs of shoes in less than 40 minutes (I like shopping, but I hate to spend too much time in a shopping center. I found it too overwhelming)

I got ridiculously lucky with sales. The specials were amazing and I saved big bucks! (nothing like that feeling of “smart shopping”!)

The third picture on the post today was taken on a mirror at the Prada store, right before checking out.

The other two pictures were taken in front of a small but adorable music conservatory in Silverlake (Los Angeles), sponsored by major artists including the Red Hot Chili Peppers (Flea is always around). The name of the place is Silverlake Conservatory of Music.  Obviously I am holding a latte from Intelligentsia Coffee.  Those places are part of the reason this area is so cool.

I’m wearing skinny jeans by Topman, shirt by H&M, cardigan by Ben Sherman and shoes by Converse.

me me At Prada

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