Today is another gorgeous day in New York City. I walked many many blocks. From Mid Town to the upper West Side and then I took a cab to go to Harlem where I had lunch.

I ate at the Red Rooster and it was fantastic! I’m including a picture of what I ate, which I don’t do too often (to include picture of food). The vibe in the place was fantastic.

From my long walk I’m including a picture of the Empire States Building and another facade of a building in 7th Ave that it is too beautiful to ignore.

I’m wearing shorts by Forever 21 men, a t-shirt by H&M and a cardigan by Ben Sherman.

And also today I am including a great piece about pictures of classic sculptures “dressed” as hipsters. Hilarious! I HAD to include it! (one picture from the article included below).


me me 2me me Red RoosterLunchNY buildingclassical sculpture as hipster

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