Today I went biking in New York City for the first time. I went from my building in 31st street to Central Park; I did a full loop and then I came back home.  I took me an hour and 5 minutes.  The most intimidating part was to ride on 6th Ave.  The taxi drivers are very aggressive and the pedestrians don’t give a damn about the lights. It is pretty chaotic.

Once in Central Park the experience became much better, although I need to go earlier in the morning to avoid so many people.

Today I am wearing two outfits.

Regular clothes: Shorts by Forever 21 men, shirt by Salvage and shoes by Converse.

Biking: Shirt by Performance Bike, shorts by Pearl Izumi and shoes by Shimano.


This picture is right before I left my apartment.ready

This one is in Central ParkBiking

And this one is after I made it safely back home, right after I changed my shoes and took the helmet off.  Yes, I was very happy after my adventure.Happy

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