Today is my post number 250!  I am very impressed by my commitment to this blog.  As I said the first day I will post what I am wearing for a full year.  To my own surprise I haven’t worn the same outfit twice, thanks to the magic to mixing and combining what I have in my closet.

To celebrate this landmark on my blog I am sharing today photos of my apartment in New York with all the elements in place.  Nothing says more about someone’s style that the place he or she lives.  And I love nesting, so the places where I live are a direct expression of who I am.  I also want to add that I am particularly happy with this place in New York.  It feels so me. And I have been living here only for 4 weeks!

And what I am wearing today? One of my favorite skinny jeans: the red ones from H&M. The shirt and the blazer are also from H&M. My new shoes that I bought especially for today are from Kenneth Cole.

me 1 me 2 me 3 Living red sofa Table view Shoes

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