Today I am embracing the beginning of the weekend wearing my pink skinny jeans, and they are one of my top favorites!

The highlight of the day:  I saw Gravity on opening night.  And it took my breath away!  It is flawless.  The movie is perfect technically and emotionally. Sandra Bullock is incredible; her character is rich and beautiful and elegantly written and  brilliantly acted.  But the biggest star of the movie is its director Alfonso Cuarón, who made magic making us forget that the movie wasn’t really shot in space.  Zero gravity is achieved impeccably and the drama is underlined with impossibly long takes that are awe inspiring and highly compelling.  Yes, I really loved this movie.

Today I wore pink Skinny jeans by H&M, shirt by UniQlo and shoes by Kenneth Cole.


me 1 me 2 me 3

2 thoughts on “Pink and Gravity

  1. I remember when we talked about Gravity at Lacma. I am somehow gratified that my favorite people also saw what i saw.

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