Trying to make it fun and still wear all grey: That was my challenge today.  I added a touch of color with the blue scarf and that gave it a good touch.

Today I am sharing something really special for me.  For my birthday last week, my friend Christopher gave me the most amazing gift: He gave me a video he shot of me and my beloved dog Hershey the last week he was with us. We knew Hershey would be gone in days, so I made sure he had as many cookies and long walks as he wanted. We managed to give him as much love as we could and it was really sad but really wonderful to be able to say goodbye in our own terms. Making sure that his last days were filled with love. Here is the video for those of you that knew Hershey or love dogs.

Today I am wearing skinny jeans by H&M, cotton shirt by Benetton, blazer also by H&M and shoes by Prada.

me 1 me 2 me 3

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