Today I tried a Cronut for the first time and I wasn’t disappointed!  A Cronut is a New York thing that happens to be very yummy.  A baker came up with this idea last May when he combined a croissant with a doughnut. It became an over night sensation and long lines form in front of the bakery every day. The bakery is Dominique Ansel Bakery and is located in Soho.  A co-worker (who I will love forever) brought me one today (you can only buy two at the time).

The taste is quite complex and it feels sweet and then salty, and then sweet again.  And the filling (this month is Dulce de Leche. We scored!) was absolutely delicious.  Cronuts is one of those things that get so overhyped that is almost impossible no to be disappointed, but I wasn’t.  I truly liked it!  Please see below the pictures I took of the process, from the moment I got the box and the moment I took the first bite.

I wore new skinny jeans from Topman, shirt by Michael Kors, cardigan and shoes by Ben Sherman. My really cool belt is from Dean.

photo 1  photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

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