Today, I took full advantage of being in Los Angeles and went to have lunch in one of my favorite places in town: Loteria Grill. They have the most delicious and authentic tacos in the United States (that I have ever tried, including places in NY, Texas, Miami, Chicago and many places in California).  I went to their original location at the (the Original) Farmer’s Market, on Fairfax and 3rd. Now they -Loteria- have multiple locations around L.A.

The Farmer’s Market is located next to The Grove, which is one of the most popular shopping centers in Los Angeles.  The holidays are already here, according to the decorations in all the stores.

I am including a couple of pictures from Loteria Grill and from The Grove.

I am wearing skinny jeans and jacket by H&M, shirt my Michael Kors, scarf by Zara and shoes by Prada.

photo 2 photo 1photo 3photo 1 photo 3 photo 2

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