Today is Christmas Eve. December 24th, was my ultimate favorite day when I was growing up. Christmas was a very big deal for my family, and dinner on Christmas Eve was the best, and then the exchange of presents was always epic.  I feel so fortunate I have those memories.

Today I had an exciting day. I worked at the office just for a little wile and then I went with my husband to do some shopping for tomorrow’s dinner. Then we went to see Betrayal on Broadway with the fabulous Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz. Also starring the great Rafe Spall.  Later for dinner we went to a raw bar (The John Dory Oyster Bar) and had some delicious oysters and other yummy dishes.  Great day indeed. I am including a photo of Daniel Craig when he was leaving the theatre.

I wore today skinny jeans by Topman, shirt and jacket by H&M, sweater by Abercrombie and Fitch and shoes by Aldo.

me me Me & Christopher That little face on the photo is non other that Daniel Craig:Daniel Craig BetrayalOysters!  photo 5

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