Today, my husband and I are driving north from New York City to Cape Cod, Massachusetts,  to visit his family to celebrate our wedding.  On our way north we stopped in the charming Madison, Connecticut, for the night.  We were about to lose the (sun) light and the photos were taken in a very unremarkable place. I will try to do a better job tomorrow.  The town is on the coast and it is really beautiful.

We had dinner at an amazing little restaurant called Elizabeth, and the food was superb! I highly recommend it!

Today I wore skinny corduroy pants by H&M and well as the long sleeve shirt and the cool cardigan.  The loose sweater I wore under the cardigan is by John Varvatos (you can barely see it on the pictures but it is really dope) and the coat is from UniQlo. The boots are Aldo. I wore many layers today (including also a black t-shirt) , although is hard to appreciate on the photos.

me me

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