Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, Jesus M. Rodriguez is an accomplished director and network executive.  His passion for design and dance charges his filmic work with a refreshing theatrical energy.  Working internationally, Jesus has won more than 70 awards and has worked for Disney, MTV, BBC America, Discovery Networks Latin America and OWN.

Aside from his impressive career, Jesus is famous for wearing skinny jeans.

Jesus’s background as a filmmaker, designer and ballet dancer contributes to his unique personal style.  He can be found wearing a blazer with his skinny jeans or pairing them with a beret.  Sometimes, he compliments his outfits with a scarf and then, heads out to walk his dog, Hershey, around their chic Los Feliz neighborhood.

If you want to catch Jesus in action, try your local ballet class or a particular artisan coffee shop in Silverlake.

More recently Jesus joined BET Networks as their VP of Creative Services, based in New York City, so now he lives there and his plans are to come visit Los Angeles as often as he can.


I’m not sure if the world needs another blog. Actually I know it doesn’t. But I am writing one for myself, the same reason I get dressed everyday, and that is the topic of this blog.

Let me make it clear that I don’t spend a lot of time getting dressed. I very rarely change what I am wearing once I put it on. Once I choose something from my closet, the decision is pretty final.

But I do like the process. I feel it like a daily mini date with myself.  I think I love myself enough to want to look good and to communicate to the world -through my clothes, in this case- that I am happy with my life.  What we wear is how we package ourselves every day, and it is -or at least it should be- a direct reflection of how we see us.


I like to believe that I am a very aware person.  Of myself and my world around me.  And I like to pay attention to all the details that shape my life.  So, clothes are a very immediate, very constant and mandatory element of what I am. Who we are.  We decide what characters we want to play in the world, how we want the other people to perceive us, so clothes are the costumes we wear to play our (self determined) roles.  Sounds like a cliche but I believe it to be true.


I also feel like most aspects of my life are in good enough shape to spend time to write about something that can be perceived as very superficial.   As I tried to explain in the previous paragraphs clothes are important to me, as an element that helps me make an statement  about who I want to be, but I never lose sleep over it.  It is never too important.  But it is something that I enjoy and I want to share with whoever reads this blog.

I’m motivated to start this “journal” because I do feel I have a specific style. And I like the idea that I do.  I believe everyone should have an specific style and be conscious and even responsible with it.  Committed to it.  No every style has to be loud, or very evident, but that inevitable moment that we all constantly go through at the store, choosing a shirt or pants or a pair of shoes, should be assumed with that self awareness that we owe ourselves and pick the one item that will help us tell our story in the best possible way.

It also comes from the commitment we all should have with the historical time we live in.  We should embrace the fact that we are living and kicking in 2013 and what we wear should be a reflection of that. We should be happy adopting the trends that come with the years and celebrate -thru it- the moment we ARE. The HERE and the NOW.  Getting stuck in old trends is like denying our moment in time.  And ultimately because doing it is FUN!

I also enjoy designing costumes for dances and plays.  I have been lucky enough to be able to experiment with choreography and dance, and creating the space and the look of the dancers is something that I feel passionate about. I will also share some of those elements time to time.


I have been wearing skinny jeans for many years.  They make me feel comfortable and they reflect the kind of fashion I like and that I like to wear.  They make me feel like I’m a bit of a rock star (who doesn’t want to feel like that?!) and they also provide me with the proportions that I think work on me.  I like how they make my shoulders look broader and, lets admit it, I think I have nice legs, so I can pull them off.  You be the judge.


I will be sharing with you my daily fashion choices, hopefully giving you ideas or tips of how to combine elements.   I don’t have an extensive wardrobe so it is mostly about how I mix them.

Everyday there is at least one special element that I wear that makes me feel special. As I said earlier: it is a mini date with myself, so I want to make sure I give myself something a little special every day.

Most of my clothes are ridiculously affordable too. Only some shoes or small things that I gifted my self over the years that you will see in the pictures.  You will also be surprised by how old some of my items are.  I am very proud of the fact that I have shoes that are more than 12 years old.

Sometimes I will write about fashion choices made by celebrities -or regular people I encounter- if they are too ridiculously fabulous to ignore or about other current events that I find interesting to share.


I want to thank my friend Alexa Roman for helping me set up the blog. Whitney Holland for suggesting the idea of it. Maritza Navarro for helping me with the name and for being my partner in dance (creating and choreographing) and Christopher Kinder for never (almost never) judging me for what I wear. Yes, my skinny pants are very skinny.

My name is Jesus and I wear skinny jeans.

So, that’s it.  I hope you enjoy it.                    coolme


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