What you wear to receive the New Year is a big deal for me. It has always been for my family.

It is the first look of the year!

This year I felt especially happy and I wanted to show it though the clothes I wore to receive 2013. So I chose to wear what I call “the suit for the season”.  As you can see it’s festive.  It is made our of this really cool green, blue and black plaid fabric. It is also good luck to wear new clothes in New Year’s so the suit was the perfect choice. And how cool are those skinny pants?  The overall look is very retro. And I love it.



Here is a photo of the fabric up close so you can see the details of the pattern.



As you can imagine I am planning on wearing this suit way past the holiday season!

Following the Venezuelan tradition I wore “Yellow Underwear”. In this case it was socks with yellow stripes.




To achieve the final look I wore a vintage bow tie and my oldest shoes (also for good luck): my really old Kenneth Cole black shoes that have traveled the world with me. Ridiculously comfortable. And completely timeless.



Was it a success? I think it was! We went to Cafe Stella in Silver Lake and had a blast. Here is a picture of us right after midnight:


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