So… the first casual outfit of the year is pretty simple.

To keep the good luck coming, I wore a new shirt that I found on special at the Ben Sherman Store at the Beverly Center (Los Angeles).  As I mentioned before, it is a Venezuelan tradition to wear new clothes at the beginning of the year.

I combined  the shirt with my bright green pants (I’m using the word “bright” loosely here.  The green is not that bright, bur for pants it is “bright”).

I’m having issues with the lighting when I take pictures of myself on my big mirror, and that makes the lower part of the picture a little too dark. So I’m including a C.U. of the pants and shirt so you can appreciate the true colors and the detail of the pattern on the shirt.

                                  Casual Beginning test
I make the look especial by adding one of my favorite pairs of shoes. The two tone brown Wolverine 1000 Mile shoes.  The socks also add some drama and fun, and the fact that the pants are a little short helps push the drama.
                               Wolverine Shoes
By the way: that beautiful tile floor is at Intelligentsia (my favorite Coffee shop) in Silver Lake.

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