Winter in Los Angeles is that season where the temperature drops… a couple of degrees.

Yes, some trees lose their leaves and the days are shorter. But lets face it: it is barely here!

Nevertheless any excuse in good to wear a turtleneck.  I have a long neck so I do like how they fit me.  At least my mom always told me I looked good on them.  She always added: “Turtlenecks make you look distinguished” and I will take that any time!

So the look of today is really simple.  Just a baby blue turtleneck, dark skinny jeans and a pair of very used black boots (that I love).  Just to pump it up a bit I also wore my gray jacket with dark accents.  It is a look that feels classic, hip and fun at the same time. (And that big buckle is hard to miss!)

Winter In LALA Land      Black Boots

To complete the post of the day I am adding a  picture taken from a window in my living room, so you can see the leaves that resist to go, and a picture of the actual weather.

From my window    How Winter feels in L.A.

How can you not love La La Land!?!?

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