Another gorgeous winter day in La La Land. I had no choice that to show my excitement by wearing my red skinny jeans.

WIth impossible blue skies and the temperature this morning in the 50’s it feels like we live in Paradise. (Paradise during winter)

To keep me warm I’m wearing a dark blue coat from H&M and because this is Los Angeles I am wearing converse shoes. The shirt is Ben Sherman.

        Red Pants, Blue Sky 1          Red Pants, Blue Sky 2

And where did I go? To get a coffee at my favorite Coffee Shop: Intelligentsia, in Silver Lake.

Red Pants in Line for Coffee

Just because they are cool looking I am also including two Instagram pictures of my shoes. The beautiful blue tiles (as I have shown them before) are at Intelligentsia. I wish I could take my pictures outside everyday.  Thanks Christopher Kinder for taking the photos!

Red Pants, Blue Tiles

Red Pants, Blue Shoes

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