Grey rainy days are rare in Los Angeles. That is one of the reasons I enjoy them so much.

So, today I dressed all in grey and went out with Christopher Kinder and had some fun taking pictures.

These are some highlights of the session:

Grey Day in L.A.

Medium Grey   Medium Grey Shot

Greay Sky

On the street

We even went to the Griffith Observatory, which is one of my favorite locations in L.A.

Long Shadow

Close Up at the Observatory At the Observatory

The most especial item I wore today are my old Prada shoes. They were the first pair of Prada shoes I ever bought.  I got them in Rome, during a trip I did with my beautiful, stylish mother, in the fall of 1999. This proves that some investments (like really good shoes) truly pay off. Prada still produces them  today. A true modern classic.

This are the shoes:

Pradas In Pluto

And these are two adorable pictures of that trip to Rome with my mother. I hope you like them:

Mom in Rome Mom and I in Rome

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