Lunch meetings are ridiculously common in L.A. and I don’t like them. They are exhausting.  Lunch should be only about eating.  The good thing is that they never last for more than one hour.  It is like the LA fairies are in the air making sure nobody stays at a table for more than 60 minutes.

Today, one of these lunch meetings was a good excuse for me to dress up… a bit.

I wore my Ben Sherman pants that I really like, and a Benetton shirt that is so classic and timeless that I don’t remember how long ago I got it and I don’t even care. It looks great on any occasion.  I love the way this jacket fits me.  It is from TopMan.

Full Body

Full Body 2 small This Picture is my POV (Point of View).  I think these pants are pretty cool. My nice socks are also from Ben Sherman.My POV

Medium ShotThe last picture is a self-portrait I took in a restroom that has a really interesting mirror.  I’m sure some people will instantly recognize it.

Self Portrait

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