Yes, this is Los Angeles. Southern California.  Winter is never too cold and it never stays too long.

And I am sure more cold weather will come before the end of the season, but these days are TERRIFIC!  The warm temperatures, the impossibly blue skies and the cool breeze make it feel like the perfect Spring day

And I am dressed accordingly.   Today is one of those days that everything I am wearing comes from the same store. My shirt is made from a very light plaid cotton, with really vivid colors.  I bought it for my first trip to Provincetown, in Massachusetts. My cardigan is also a light cotton in bright blue.  Everything, including my skinny jeans, is from H&M,   (By the way, Provincetown and the entire Cape Cod became immediately one of my favorite places in the USA.  Can’t wait to go back).

Blue Cardigan     Cardigan

My shoes are my blue Converse that you have seen before.

It feels so casual, so easy.  And it is.

Self portrait Small

Looking down

One more picture taken at dusk in my backyard.  Yes, there are many reasons to love L.A.

(This picture was taken with Christopher Kinder‘s IPad, under extremely low light conditions, but the result is so beautiful)

Night Light Small

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