One of the least cherished natural monuments in Los Angeles is its River.

Through the years it has been changed, it has been rerouted. It has been dirty and it has been clean.

It has a strange, almost eery beauty.

It also has the best biking path in the city.

The fact that so few people enjoy it, ironically, is one of the reasons is so enjoyable.  So peaceful and quiet.

Today I pose right next to its stream.  L.A. River

LA River

LA River

Watching the ducks, the seagulls and the cranes is unexpectedly rewarding.

 River looking ahead small
I’m wearing a simple long sleeve t-shirt by The Gap, H&M light blue jeans and a sport jacket by Blue Marlin, which was a gift from a really loved friend.
Special mention to the beautiful iron work done on the gates that access the paths.  The L.A. River, a beautiful natural monument that angelinos see but choose to ignore every day.

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