Today I wore my Camper short boots (in dark brown leather).  I used to have many pairs of Camper shoes in the late 90’s and early 2000. They have a beautiful store in lower Manhattan that I used to go very often. I think it was on Prince street.  I bought this pair in Paris (Camper shoes are originally from Spain) and I liked them because they have great character and a very unique design.  Camper shoes became widely popular with previous styles that were inspired by bowling shoes.

My beige corduroy jacket is from Zara and it was a gift from the wardrobe girl in a Master Card commercial I shot in Venezuela a few years ago (you can watch the final commercial here, although the “father” ended wearing a different jacket).  The gift came as a very nice surprise at the end of the shoot.

In the pictures I am in the middle of enjoying a macchiato (or cortadito as we call it in Spanish) which is my favorite way of having coffee in the afternoon.  My friends at the little bodega in the E! Entertainment TV building -on Wilshire Boulevard- make an amazing one and I used to go to have one pretty much every afternoon with my friends Emily and Federico.  Special thanks to my friend (the crazy funny) Leah for taking the pictures for today’s post.

Camper bootslittle coffee

Self Portrait 1


This crazy picture is my reflection in a window in the same building I had my coffee.  I think it is pretty interesting.Camper 6 Small

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