In a rainy day in L.A. hell brakes loose.  People don’t know what to do.  People -specially- don’t know how to drive.  It is kind of crazy.  But I love it!  Rain has always been one of my favorite gifts provided by nature and I love the smell of it, the wet grass, the wet streets, the dramatic skies.

I have to admit that having a dog -a big dog- makes it a little more complicated.  But you deal with it, right?

For the weather today I wore skinny corduroy pants. Finding skinny corduroy pants is not that easy, but once again, H&M provided the right option. But the main item in my wardrobe today is, no doubt, my rain coat.  It is a silver nylon  rain coat by adidas that I freaking love.  It has traveled the world with me and is light and very effective against rain.

The last picture at the end of the post is a self-portrait with the fabulous dinner Fred 62 in the background. This restaurant is located on Vermont Ave; the heart of Los Feliz, in Los Angeles CA.  If you go for breakfast I highly recommend you try the Alice Egg Sandwich. You will thank me.

Blue Corduroy Pants

Rain L.A.

Rain coat

Rain SelfPortrait



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