Today I wore my red skinny jeans to go to a great place for breakfast: Bottega Louie, where you can find the best chocolate croissant in Los Angeles.

The food is always nice (and not only for breakfast). Today I had the salmon eggs Benedic and a good Latte.  But the pastries are the main event. In the pictures you can see how beautiful the eclairs and the colorful macarons are. But nothing is better at Bottega Louie than the chocolate croissant, or pain au chocolat.

For such a large space the ambience is always vibrant and -although loud- the experience is enjoyable.  The decor is beautiful, with a mostly white space filled with beautiful details.  Is a great place to go in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Jeans and shirt by H&M, corduroy jacket by Zara and swede shoes by Michael Shannon. And a green/blue scarf just for fun.

Red Pants Red pants

Red PantsBottega LouieRed Pants Red PantsBottega Louie

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