In a glorious long weekend in Los Angeles I decided to spend the day withs some dear friends in the fabulous Huntington Botanical Garden in Pasadena.

The space is absolutely beautiful and the subareas are fascinating. The desert garden and the japanese garden are my favorite two.  The varieties of plants is extraordinary and the beauty of the overflowing nature is inspiring.

Please enjoy a couple of pictures below of some of the beauty of this place.

I am wearing skinny jeans by Levi’s  and a Cardigan by Life After Denim. Shoes by Converse.

I have to admit that the combination of this cardigan and this jean didn’t work as well as it did in my mind.  The cardigan deserves to be worn in a better ensemble. I must find a new occasion to wear it before the weather turns to warm for it.

full look

open cardigan


cactus flowers pink flowers

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