Today is the 50th post on this blog. My commitment with documenting a full year of skinny jeans  continues strong.

Today I celebrated by wearing the first skinny jeans (really skinny) I ever owned.  They are falling apart but they look good enough to wear them to go for coffee with good friends.

We went to Intelligentsia to have a macchiato. It was -as always- perfect. The pictures today feature the coffee shop in a special way just because I am sharing my love for that place with all of you.

So here you have it: my -first ever- skinny jeans by RVCA, my favorite sweater by Diesel (please take the time and appreciate the details on the cuffs),  boots by Steve Madden and blazer and shirt by h&m.  Affordable but with a  very specific point of view.




You gotta love your coffee:


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