Today we took Hersey for a really cool hike.

We went to Vasquez Rocks Park outside Los Angeles, where the rock formations are really amazing and have been used in many many movies through out the years.  It’s only 40 miles from home so the trip was really short.  The day was spectacular and Hershey hiked for a very long time in search of lizards and other critters.

Then we decided to take the long route back home, through Los Angeles National Forest  where snow from last week storm is still lingering. So we went from the desert to a winter wonderland in matter of 40 minutes.  There Hershey fetched squirrels, which is his ultimate favorite sport.

Only in Los Angeles can you have a one day road trip like this, and enjoy the rocky desert and the snowy mountains, and then have time for some amazing tacos in Eagle Rock by 4 PM. There we went to the mexican restaurant Cacao and had their amazing duck tacos.

Today I’m wearing skinny jeans by h&m, t-shirt and cardigan by Topman, and hiking boots by Hi-Tec.

Enjoy the many pictures!!!!

desert desert desert desert

How beautiful is this place?vista

And these are from the second part of the road trip, playing in the snow. Christopher, Hershey and I look really good in that self-taken photo, right?

snow US

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