Today was the annual Hollywood biggest night. The Oscars.

It’s kind of weird for me that that I grew up watching them in Caracas and now I even hear the helicopters buzzing above the ceremony from my backyard.

The day today was impossibly perfect in Los Angeles. Perfect for the Oscars.  A day where the girls could wear very revealing dresses and not be cold, and the gentlemen wouldn’t sweat in their tuxedos. Not too cold, not too warm.

I wore bright blue skinny jeans that had the same color of the sky in the winter. And to prove it I am including a picture of the sky today at 1 PM.

Please keep reading after the pictures. Below you will find my mini fashion review of tonight’s Oscars.

(My skinny jeans and shirt are from h&m -as Helen Hunt’s dress tonight-, sweater by gap and boots by Steve Madden.)


blue sky


Now, here are my humble opinions about the fashion we saw at the Oscars.  I need to start by saying that it was very impressive how the women went full out and looked terrific. Very difficult to choose the best -and even more difficult to choose- the worst. But it is fun to do it anyways, so here I go:

My favorite three:

#1: Charlize Theron wearing a white Dior gown the way it should be. Simply stunning! and she can dance! did you see those arms? those pointed feet? My eyes hurt with such impressive beauty.  Simply amazing!


#2: Jane Fonda: Fearless in yellow. Looking stunning for her age or for any age in Versace. Hollywood royalty indeed. Hard to believe she is 75.


#3 Salma Hayek. Only she can pull off so much drama in this Alexander McQueen. You can only say “You Go Girl!” She made a huge fashion statement and she did it right.


Especial mention to Jessica Chastain in Armani Prive. She looked stunning. Super classy (and she was my pick for best actress).

jessica chastain

Now the difficult part, because it was hard to pick the worst dressed. I am not going with the low hanging fruit like the woman wearing the stupid pink tights that won best make up.  I’m choosing only between the women that actually dressed up for the occasion.

And they ALL looked stunning! But here I go anyways:

My #3 worst dressed is the unbearable Kristen Stewart, who is probably the least thankful person alive. She always looks like “What am I doing here. There is a much better place to be right now“. I don’t like that girl’s attitude!

Kristen Stewart

My #2 worst dressed is Anne Hathaway is the sad Prada dress. Not terrible, but a bit boring and the fitting in the chest was weird.  The neckline didn’t need a neckless and the whole thing looked improvised, which is weird because she normally looks terrific.

anne hathaway

My #1 worst dressed is going to be controversial. Because she is stunning, talented and she won the Oscar for best actress, but I didn’t love Jennifer Lawrence’s look tonight.  The dress was gorgeous but too bridal for me. All she needed was a veil and a groom. She is so nice and funny and down to earth though, that you gotta love her any ways.   I’m sure she will be in many “best dressed” lists, so I don’t feel too bad for her. And she got the Oscar! Congratulations Jennifer!

Jennifer Lawrence

One thought on “Blue Sky, Blue Skinny Jeans, Oscar Night

  1. Sorry, I loved Jennifer Lawrence’s dress. Also loved Stacy Keibler, Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington… but thought some of the worst were Kristen Stewart (can’t stand her), Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, Sally Field and Helena Bonham Carter…and what was going on with Jack Nicholson’s tux? You, however, always look wonderful.

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