Not too long ago you expected graphic designers, creative directors, architects to be the ones leading the pack in day to day fashion (outside the fashion world, of course). But there is a new group now. A group that helps us waking up every morning and they do it with style: Baristas.

They are cool, they are hip, they are (almost all of them) friendly.  I love them and they inspire me to dress up every day.

Today I celebrate their fashion with photos of a small group of baristas from my favorite place in Los Angeles: Intelligentsia Cafe in Silverlake.

Here I’m sharing pictures of Matt, Brent, Colleen, Erik, Jesse, Mark and Thomas (there are many more).  I think they are awesome.

Let me start by showing what I wore today: Skinny jeans by Topman, shirt by Prada, cardigan and socks by Ben Sherman and shoes by Bata.


memeAnd here are my friends, the baristas: Brent, Colleen, Mark, Matt, Thomas, Erik and Jesse. Believe me when I say that they are 200% better looking in person. But you will be able to appreciate their awesome sense of style!

Go get a coffee there and see what I am saying!

Brent Colleen  mark Matt Thomas

Erik trio small Intelligentsia

4 thoughts on “March is here. Baristas = True Fashionistas

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