Today is the last post of 2013.  Keeping a blog for a full year, documenting what I wear every day, proved to be a challenge. A nice fun challenge, but a challenge nevertheless.

I combined my clothes in such a way that I never wore the same outfit twice, and sometimes the results were really positive and sometimes the results were, shall we say, a disaster.  Summer proved to be the most difficult part of the year. Instead of skinny jeans, some days I opted for shorts (sometimes short shorts), trying always to be true to my style and to infuse some personality into my look. When the weather got colder, layering and accessories (like hats, scarfs, gloves, etc.) made things more fun and definitely easier.

Today, I am including a selection of what I consider the Best and Worst outfits of the year.  From really cool suits (including the one I wore for my wedding) to those “what was he thinking” outfits.

But first, what did I wear today: skinny jeans by April 77, shirt by Benetton, cardigan by Ben Sherman and turtleneck and coat by UniQlo. Boots by Aldo.

This is a photo from today: me



Posted on December 26 (Also from that day is the featured photo at the top of the page, me seating in the white Eames chair):Me

Posted on December, 14th:Me in Suit

Posted on November 30thHusband and husband

Posted on November 4th:me 1Posted on October 27th (post #300): photoPosted on April 25th:me Posted on April 9th:me

Posted on March 20th:me Posted on March 5th:me Posted on March 1st:mePosted on January 20thPretty in Pink


Posted on December 22thmePosted on November 28th:photo 3Posted on November 15th:me 1Posted on September 2nd:me 1Posted on June 17th:me Posted on May 31st:meAnd THE HORRORS!  Posted on May 12t me 1 cropped 3

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