Today is Winter Solstice, but as you have seen on this blog, it seems like Winter arrived in New York a couple of weeks ago. Strangely enough, today the temperatures were really mild, and it felts like Spring, instead of Winter.

I went biking this morning, and all the snow that accumulated over the last week or so, is melting, so everything is very wet and muddy.  Below you can see a picture of my feet sprayed with mud.

There is also a nice selfie of me and some dear friends: Betsy and Elizabeth, who have been accomplices on my dance adventures and I love them both very much.  In the picture you can also see Betsy’s brother, Rodney.  We had brunch together in an adorable place in the Flatiron District called Spoon.  I have danced many times with Betsy and Elizabeth in their amazing shows that they produce through their company L.A. Unbound.

Yesterday I posted an album on Facebook of pictures of me dancing.  Really good memories.  I am posting here today a couple of those pictures.

I wore skinny camouflage jeans by Express, shirt by H&M and vest by UniQlo. Shoes by Converse.

me me me Friends:us Muddy feet:Muddy feet Coffee pre brunchcoffee Central Park melting:Central Park Central Park Memories of Danceme dancing Me dancing Me dancing me dancing me dancing

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