I’m celebrating my daily post #300 with a look back to my favorite outfits in the last 3 months. And , of course, what I am wearing today (to go to an event this evening).

What I am wearing today is a winter suit from the Mauritz Archive Collection from H&M. Is all wood and the design, as you can see, is very dapper and retro. In the blog I linked before I learned that Mauritz comes from the Swedish store Mauritz Widforss, which contributes the M in H&M. My shoes are from Ben Sherman.

The invitation to the event was at 6 PM, so I took the risk and wore a suit that is more for the daytime.  By the way, the event I went tonight was the taping of Black Girls Rock and it was a terrific show: Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland, Patti LaBelle, Queen Latifah and many more. Produced by BET it will air on November 3rd. Black Girls Rock is an amazing organization that provides help and support to girls of color in America. Here are 2 pictures of what I wore tonight and a picture of Queen Latifah Receiving her award,

Then, 8 pictures of looks from the last 100 days that I loved and 2 biking outfits.  Enjoy and thanks so much for reading my blog for the first 300 posts (As I promised, I will post an entry every day for one full year; 65 more to go!).photome 2Queen Latifah:queen

And these are my favorite looks of the last 100 days:

My first cold day in NY:me 1

In the streets of L.A.:me 2

At my favorite spot in Silver Lake: Intelligentsiame 3

Ready for the BET Hip Hop Awards:imageDapper at the office: me 2Casual yet serious for work:me 1

My outfit for the BET 2013 Awards:me 2Very summery in Los Angeles:me And I am including two of my favorite outfits to go ride my bike around Central Park (they make me feel like I am a superhero):Running tightsSweaty after my bike ride around Central Park:Orca

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