Today we spent the afternoon with my husband’s family.  We went to visit his father, who is living in a assisted living facility given his struggle with dementia. This is a subject matter that is extremely close to my heart, so it was a very emotional experience.  The family cooked together and it was an amazing feast with really great food.  The father was happy as a camper. It is wonderful to honor our elders.  And how fortunate it is  to be able to help the people you love.  It was bittersweet but very rewarding.  Growing old is a blessing, but also an extremely difficult challenge.

It was wonderful to have a formal sit down dinner, and everyone dressed for the occasion. As expected, I wore skinny jeans, this time by All Saints, also a shirt and winter blazer by H&M and a cashmere by UniQlo. Shoes by Pradame me Christopher and his father enjoying a moment:family The grandchild using his talents to entertain the family:photo 4

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