Believe me when I say that I am not superstitious, but I think the date today makes a great title for this post. So be it.  Today the cold continued in NY city and I did everything possible to keep myself warm and still try to look fashionable, given that I had tickets to go see the New York City Ballet production of The Nutcracker at the Lincoln Center (choreography by George Balanchine).  It was a hoot: adorable and cheesy at the same time; with a very impressive production that made everyone happy, including families with very young kids.  I hope they realize how fortunate they are that they are being exposed to those shows in the most fascinating city in the world at such young age.  I think that is really great.

I wore one of my favorite suits and I must add that it is very successful, if we measure success based on how many complements the suit gets.  It is from Zara and today I wore it with a turtleneck from UniQlo, a shirt and a puffy winter jacket from H&M and shoes by Prada (notice how nicely skinny the pants are, specially for a suit).  I had a hat also from UniQlo (you can barely see it in one of the pictures) that I lost at one point on my way to the theatre.  There you have it: the Friday 13th curse! (I’m kidding of course).

I am also including two beautiful pictures of Christmas lights in the city, including one from the fabulous Rockefeller Center. This time of the year the city looks amazing!

me me me me lights Rockefeller Center

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