Acting was my first love.  I acted for the first time when I was in college and I was immediately hooked.  Later I became a director and many other things, but my love for acting was always there. It is there.

In the last couple of years Los Angeles has allowed me to act again.  And it feels good!

As I mentioned before -a couple of days ago- I got the lead role in a multimedia campaign for a wireless services for the Hispanic market.

Today was our first day and it was amazing. Exhausting, terrifying and immensely rewarding.  In the morning we did hours of taping messages for the internet. Those I read from a teleprompter.  It was a intense couple of hours, but by the end I had it under control and the flow was nice.

In the afternoon I was inside a food truck (that is what my character was “doing” today) and I got to interact with one of the camera men (the production requires 4 RED cameras. See picture of one of them below). His name is George Billinger and he has worked in incredibly big movies. Two of them -very recent- that I loved: Oblivion and Lincoln. We talked for hours, as much as the shoot allowed us, about the process of making those two movies that are also so different.  I learned so much in so little time!

I also learned a lot about myself.  Working as an actor, but with no specific lines but having to improvise, and  having to insert disclaimers -in the middle of the conversation- that needed to be exact (for legal reasons) and make it sound natural was pretty challenging. But I survived.

Two more days to go! I will keep you all posted!

Today I wore skinny jeans and jacket by h&m and long sleeve t-shirt by gap. Boots by Aldo.  Below you will see a picture of what I wore as my character, which included skinny jeans! yay!!!

Let me just add that the pictures of the production don’t do justice to how massive is this project.

me me boots me in action me on set

camera On costume Production camp

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