Today we shot the second commercial in a gorgeous location: Venice Beach.  The weather was absolutely perfect. Impossibly blue skies and a nice breeze that kept all of us cool all day.

To go to work I dressed for that: a sweater to keep me warm in the morning, and I wore my jeans up to my calves to make it more appropriate for the beach. I really like this look. I will wear it again soon.

Sweater by Diesel, polo by Penguin, skiing jeans by h&m and shoes by Converse.

Below I am including more stills from the shoot, so you can see some of the behind the scene action, including the camera men and their RED cameras; and also a picture of me dressed as a water boy, selling waters while making the point that sometimes you pay double for the same products. The commercials are for a wireless company and the concept for the campaign is that you can have the same product paying just half.

The last picture is me in makeup getting ready.

It was a really fun but very exhausting day. That tray with the water was truly heavy. But I loved every minute of the it!

Me  me me C.U.Venice Beach CrewCamera man Me in character    In makeup small  

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