Today the weather continued to be cool and a little wet in Los Angeles. The temperature stayed in the high 60’s. The first thing I did in the morning was to record a few radio commercials that are part of the campaign I shot last week.  It was my first time recording a commercial for radio and the experience was really cool. I was in a recording studio in Santa Monica and the actual recording was taking place in Miami.  As soon as the campaign is on the air I will post some links. I think it’s going to be fun. I really enjoy acting.

After that I went to the rehearsal space where the dance company  Shaping Sound is getting ready for their national tour. We delivered the last big piece of the set today and I had to be there.  I took the main picture today in their rehearsal space using their big mirrors.

Skinny corduroy jeans and shirt by h&m, shoes by Camper and leather jacket by Zara, which I have since 2004, when I bought it in a trip to London.  I love this jacket, and the older it gets the better it looks.

me me

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