Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that my biggest design challenge was to help a couple of friends to have a baby? Well, he is a person now. He is a handsome funny little guy and I am including a picture of him in the post today.

His two mamas are ridiculously happy, and that makes them even more wonderful, beautiful and fabulous. This is a very lucky baby that was born in an amazing family that wanted him so much and now love him immensely.  I’m extremely honored and lucky to be close to that process and to witness how wonderful love can be.  This baby will be for me a very special nephew with a little bit more genetic material than a regular one.  And I love being an uncle! I am SO thrilled!

Today I wore skinny yellow pants from h&m, polo shirt by Diesel and sweater by gap. The picture of me was taken at the bar at Stella Cafe in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

meme baby

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