I’m waiting for my belongings to arrive to New York  from Los Angeles and it seems like I will have to wait for a couple more weeks. Dressing up every morning with only a third of my clothes is pretty challenging. Specially trying to keep it interesting for this blog.

But then, tonight, riding the subway coming back home after having met new friends (friends of friends, really really nice people) and under the effect of a couple drinks, it was impossible no to reflect about how interesting my life is.  The cities that I have lived in, the jobs that I have done, the people I have loved, the people that have loved me. The creative projects that I have been part of. Even fathering a biological son to a couple of extraordinary women. And finding the love of my life!  I feel pretty good about my life being interesting.  And the best part is that I manage to enjoy every second! So who cares if my belongings arrive 3 weeks late, Right?

I had drinks tonight at The Pegu Club in SoHo, and that was really fun.

This is was I wore today:

me me shoes Drinks

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