Today I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Known simply as The Met.

I went to use y new membership and check the exhibition about fashion inspired by Punk. It was really great. I’m sharing some pictures I took before I was told that pictures were not allowed. Oops!  See below pictures of the incredibly iconic Versace dress from 1994 that instantly made Elizabeth Hurley famous around the world. Also a pair of ridiculously fabulous Versace shoes (boots?). But my favorites were the incredibly sophisticated gowns made out of trash bags by the British designer Gareth Pugh.

Also including today a beautiful picture of Central Park on my way to the Met and a picture of one of the galleries. It was the perfect Sunday plan.

I’m wearing shorts by Benetton, shirt by Penguin and white Converse shoes.

me me Iconic Boots Revolutionary The Met At the Museum Central Park

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